Leadership from Within

Re-examining the concept of Servant Leadership with my mentors thought I’d share this again.

Dr. Jose Aviles


Jose Aviles is working on building the leaders of tomorrow, starting with focusing on others.


Servant leadership is less about you and more about others. Servant leadership is a term that has its roots in many biblical contexts. The concept of servant leadership starts with self-sacrifice and putting the needs of those you lead first. Servant leaders must focus on the wellbeing and growth of their followers.

servant leadership can be an altruistic concept which betters society which in turn can benefit you directly or indirectly …

People will not follow a leader until he/she shows genuine interest in them. The reason why servant leadership is so essential is the fact that it is at the very root of social change at a global level. Lets take the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela for example. Their influence is felt worldwide and will be for…

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