It’s O.K. to Apologize to Children, Especially When You are Wrong.

Dr. Jose Aviles

 I am Sorry

It’s O.K. to apologize to your children, especially when you are wrong. Nearly 20 years as an educator and ten as a father has taught me so.

We all too often let how we were raised interfere with doing the right thing and, if that is not the case our arrogance and pride takes over. Our insecurities do not allow us to be wrong in particular with children.

I was having an interesting conversation with my brother-in-law during a vacation to Mexico. We were sharing some of our childhood memories. He talked about how frustrating it was to constantly be reprimanded for things he did not do. I could see the pain and irritation in his eyes as if it just happened yesterday. He could not understand when his mother was wrong about a reprimand a simple apology would have sufficed. I too remember how it feels to be…

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