Am I My Brother’s Keeper-Mentorship in Action

Dr. Jose Aviles


Recently, at one of my boys leadership meetings I had a very interesting conversation with my peer mentors. It revolved around what I believe to be a good problem. They were extremely frustrated with the progress of their mentees. They stated that their mentees did not listen and misbehaved in class despite the advice they would give them. Though some mentees have demonstrated success with their last progress report many were still struggling.

The reason why this is a good problem was the fact that my peer mentors cared enough to be Alvinfrustrated. You see I have been developing my peer mentorship program for four years now and its evolution has been dramatic. I went from convincing my students that it is important to care, to caring so much it starts to affect them. Some were so upset they questioned their own ability. One said “Maybe I am the one…

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