What Causes the School to Prison Pipeline?

Finding unique and creative ways to keep kids in school is key. We must understand diversifying options for our students is essential and applying the one size fits all model simply does not work!


school prison

Ross T has a good post on this over at Mike Goldstein’s blog.

His argument: strict discipline codes, coupled with strong academics, reduce the school to prison pipeline.

This argument of course runs antithetical to many civil rights groups, who view strict discipline as the cause of the school to prison pipeline. Many reporters, especially those who lean left, often also take this view.

Here’s my take: strict discipline can be used poorly or thoughtfully. It can be used to expel kids for minor offenses (which often sends them into the streets) or it can be used as a foundation for a strong academic culture (which increases the chance that students are prepared for career and college).

Terrible schools, not strict discipline in and of itself, cause the school to prison pipeline.

If a reporter, civil rights group, or anyone else wishes to understand whether discipline is being used poorly…

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