Peer Mentorship in High School

A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing a Successful Peer Mentorship Program in Your School
by Jose A. Aviles Ed. D.

The challenges teenagers face today are more difficult to overcome in recent years. The stress and obstacles they face on a daily basis are insurmountable. More than ever, they must understand they are not alone. It is okay to ask for help and even more so to help a fellow student in need. There is nothing more powerful than extending a helping hand to a peer.

Peer Mentorship in High School is designed to assist school administrators who want to capitalize on the power of peer influence and to guide them to create and implement a successful peer mentorship program for their school. For students being mentored, the difference is noticeable immediately. For mentors, the maturity and growth is phenomenal. Peer mentorship has a significant effect on attendance, grade point averages, suspension rates, disciplinary referrals, classroom disruption, and bullying. Having an additional person to relate to who is going through the same pressures is life changing. A peer mentor can help a mentee build self-esteem and succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Peer Mentorship in High School is a valuable resource for teenagers, parents, teachers, and administrators.


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A Comparative Case Study of Leadership Responsibilities Between Principals of Four Comprehensive High Schools Versus Four Magnet High Schools in Single Urban District


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